Staff & Employment Opportunities

Rev Canon Samwel Nyageswa - The Vicar General (chief priest) for the diocese

Rev Ezekiel H. Mwita, Diocesan Secretary

Neema Elifaz, Accounts Clerk cum Office AssistantJoseph Nyamachoya, Day Assistant - Bishop's Residence

Ruth Adul, Assistant Director of Development


























Employment Opportunities

In this young diocese, the Bishop still carries a huge work load. So he writes, “one of my pressing needs here is the lack of adequate staff for the diocese to ease my huge workload, and the lack of resources to employ them”.

Some of the employment opportunities available include:

Administrative Assistant to the Bishop to support the Bishop, handle much of communication from the Bishops office including writing web clips and reports.

Development Officer who will be responsible mainly for community development projects and programs. The diocese wants to engage in projects and programs areas such as poverty alleviation, gender equality and women’s rights, fighting outdated cultural practices such as female genital mutilation, women's empowerment through savings and credit schemes, among others. Gender Programs Coordinator who will work under the Diocesan Development Officer but be responsible for developing gender-focused programs for the Diocese.

Education Coordinator to work on various education initiatives such establishing schools, designing training schemes, among other things.

Nursery Schools Manager who will work under the Diocesan Education Coordinator but be responsible specifically for managing parish nursery schools.

Children’s Ministries Coordinator who will be responsible for developing robust diocesan programs to help Christian children grow in their faith, partly through Sunday classes and other activities.

Health Coordinator who develop health projects and programs. He will supervise coordinators for specific programs.

HIV/Aids Programs Manager who will work under the Health Coordinator but focus on developing a HIV/Aids program for the Diocese.

Investment Officer who will help the Diocese venture into short and long term investments that will generate income for the Diocese. He will be expected to develop viable business plans that can attract funding.

Lands Officer to help the diocese acquire title deeds for all existing church buildings and plots as well as assist with acquiring new plots of land for future use.

Communications Officer who will enable the people of Tarime and others in Tanzania and beyond to know about what the God’s work in the Anglican Diocese of Tarime, pray for it and support it. He will also be responsible for the establishment of a Christian radio station.

If you feel you that you may be qualified to serve in the Anglican Diocese of Tarime in any of the above positions, please send an inquiry and basic material to us via e-mail. The basic materials to send include a letter of application, CV, (showing among other things their Christian background and current church involvement), copies of certificates, two references one of whom must be a local bishop or senior pastor, and a current passport photograph. Knowledge and experience in Project proposal writing and ICT skills will be an added advantage. Hard copies may be sent to: The Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Tarime, PO Box 410, Tarime, Tanzania.

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